Are you thinking about starting an online business or are you willing to start your Blog Journey for a handsome passive income? Then you must know What Keyword Research is and Why it’s important for your business. Here, you’ll get in-depth information. I’ll be going to tell you everything step by step.

What is keyword Research?

What is keyword Research and why it’s important

When you search for something on the search engines you put something on the search bar. That specific word that you put on the search bar is the Keyword. Now, the search engine will be going to display your top-ranked website. Basically, Keyword is a word that we put on the search result to search for something.

For example, If you want to buy a phone for 1000$ what you’ll go to put it on the search bar? It’ll be “Best phone under $1000”. This is a keyword. Now the search bar will go to display some top-ranked websites that are optimized for this specific keyword.
Keyword Research is the most important thing to rank your website. It’s considered the backbone of a website. If you’re not giving proper concern on researching keywords, then your all investment and effort will be in vain.

Why Keyword Research is important?

If you want to start a business or want to establish a website, you need traffic. There are two ways to get traffic.
Free marketing
Paid marketing
If you want to get free or paid traffic, you’ll have to work on keyword research. The fact is that, if you can do the keyword research perfectly, you’ll get lots of traffic for your site. This may save lots of money of yours.
For example, your niche is Kitchen. Now, you want people to read your blogs. So, now you can target those keywords and can optimize them.

When people search for that specific keyword, the search result will show your article. People can go to your site and start reading your post. This is how you can get lots of traffic for free to your website.

Types of keyword Research:

There are 2 types of keywords-

  1. Infographic keyword
  2. Buying keyword

Infographic Keyword :

If you want to provide information about any products or anything, then you can choose the Infographic keyword.
Suppose, You’re a pet lover and you have a pet in your house. Now, you want to tell the people how to look after your pet or how to feed them. So, this is the information that you want to share. So, anything related to an infographic is considered an Infographic Keyword.

Buying Keyword :

If you want to focus on a brand or want to advertise a product under a specific keyword then that keyword will be considered as buying keyword. In any keyword, if there is any intention to tell people to buy something or you have the intent to suggest people buy anything, it will be considered as buying keyword.
Suppose, You’ve got a dog in your house. You want to buy a neck belt for the dog. Now, you can search on search results with “Best neck belt under $100”. Here, there is an intention to influence you to buy this product.

So, this is what you need to know about everything related to Keyword Research. Now, you can utilize how important it is to grow or establish a business. In the end, Traffic is the key to any business. And by doing perfect Keyword Research, you can get lots of free traffic to establish your business or site.

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