Brand And Identity

Brand identity is a symbol of visual components. It represents the ideas of a company. It also permits users to remember the brand and distinguish it among dozen of others.

It enables the perception of buyers regarding a company, forming trust and loyalty. The importance of brand identity at present time needs no description to describe. If someone wants to receive benefits such as brand recognition, buyers trust,constant growth etc. then possessing a strong brand identity is a must for him.


Because it helps to represent the brand personality and values. To gain a strong position,one has to follow some steps properly. But many people don’t know the correct way and that’s why they fail to acquire that position.


If you are among them who doesn’t have any knowledge about brand identity, you can follow my article.

Here I have described brand identity. I hope you will be able to make a strong brand in the marketplace after reading it.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is a pair of elements which is visible to others such as design of logo & its colour. The colour of the logo plays the rule of attracting the attention of buyers

between its competitors. Business owner’s team works to select the logos name, colour, design , message crafting, communication ways, colour and shapes of logos to create a specific image in the mind of the consumers.


After choosing a logo, one has to pick a corporate font. Because it will be needed on the website & marketing campaigns. That’s why, try to choose a simple as well as eye catchy font.

The font must have to be easy to read. Helvetica, proxima Nova, TT norms pro are some best fonts. Famous brands like Panasonic,Bosh, and Spotify use these.

Style Pattern

Here style means the brand’s visual elements.One should be consistent when the matter is about his company’s visual elements, images in the promotional campaigns or in the website.

Form & shape

It is one of the most important elements of a brand. Because the shape represents the company and gathers recognition among people about the product. That’s why, make sure that you have a catchy packaging and engaging form. 

Brand identity doesn’t mean to possess a logo only. It is more beyond it. Here I am describing it.

If you understand the upper points properly then let’s jump to the final point. Follow the rules to create a strong brand identity

  1. Analyse your perfect customer, competitors and unique worth of proportion.
  2. Come up with a distinct segment matching up with your brand which reflects your concept.
  3. Pick a language which you will use to communicate with your customers.
  4. Try to avoid some negative method
  5. Observe the progress of yours.

Creating a brand identity is not so easy as it seems. It needs lots of dedication, hard work and proper time management. One can’t succeed in the race of gaining brand popularity if he doesn’t follow the rules of it properly. 

Again, without knowing properly about it or having lack knowledge about it one can’t expect to have success. Many people dream of his brand’s popularity. But due to having a lack of knowledge about it, he fails to do anything about it.

If you are among them who doesn’t have any knowledge about Brand identity then you can read this article. Here I have tried to describe it briefly. I hope you will be helpful through it .ccordion Content

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