Website development tools for beginners| front-end & back-end work
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Technology is changing day to day. Thereby our work, our business, our school college, and almost every sector website are the most important highly. Because the website is a platform where you can easily increase your personal and commercial contact with others.
And therefore, at this time there is a huge demand for an expert web designer and web developer.
If you are interested in learning about web development and want to make money online by providing developing services, then read this article carefully.

Website development tools for beginners| front-end & back-end work

In the beginning, we will learn about what is web development. When a website is created, the process of improving or developing the site will be called web development. The question may be what is the improvement of the website?
When a website is created, it is important or necessary to add various features to the website. As like ‘Home Page’ is the visual thing for a website. After a while, you thought you would add a new feature to the ‘Home Page.

How many types of the web?

There are two types of web development. Which are:
1) Front-end web development
2) Back-end web development

What is front-end web?

Front means ‘in front of or ‘before’.
When a web developer is called the front end, then you need to understand that the person can only change the external part of the website. Most of the front-end developers work according to the client’s needs. This is not functional work.

What is back-end development?

Here a web developer must be an expert in functional works. If a person does not know the work of the front end, then he will not be able to work in the back end. So you have to know the work of the front end, then the back end.

Such developers working in the back end have to perform various functional works, So they need to have an idea about the programming language. Such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquary, PHP, Python, WordPress, etc.

Why we will learn about websites?

At present, the demand for websites is increasing. So creating a website requires a skilled web designer or developer. An expert web developer can build a career by providing these services.
You can learn about web development through a youtube video, google even web development books.

Earn money from development

You can earn money from web development in many ways. You can freelance work at home, income from an official job, and proceeds from selling your design.

The need for a web developer is increasing day by day. You can work as a web developer offline or online. This is a big advantage for a web developer. In today’s article, I hope you understand a little bit about web development. Thank You.

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